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The boss of TigerBot Hesh [userpic]
If Middlemarch Took Place in the AustenVerse
by The boss of TigerBot Hesh (cassielsander)
at December 18th, 2015 (06:09 pm)

I just read George Eliot's Middlemarch, and couldn't stop thinking about how much a lot of the characters were like Austen characters (but thrown into a more serious situation). So I posted a list of the characters and their Austen equivalents on my LJ. Check it out if this sounds interesting!

If you haven't read MM, it starts from a similar place (unmarried people, incomes, settlements, etc.) with some similar humor but gets them to the altar faster and sticks with them into later life, with attendant disillusionments and interaction with the wider world (but without getting as depressing as say Edith Wharton) and an eventual list of characters that's more like a Dickens or Hugo novel than an Austen one.

So, the question "What do I read when I run out of Austen?" will never have a singular answer, because no one attacks her subjects with her wit & charm, but I think many people asking it would find Middlemarch very interesting & entertaining (if maybe a little lacking in the brevity department).